CogWell WizBoom

Forest Gnome Mage


Comes from a wealthy highbrow gnome family and has always been surrounded by other highbrow gnomes. After getting his “bachelors of magic”, he met the other adventurer’s. When they first knew him, he was a stuck up know-it-all, following all the rules to a tee, always a bit of a stick in the mud. After being dragged with them through an adventure, Cogwell sees the value in new experiences and broader ranges of opinions. Though he has a bit of book smarts, he’s pretty clueless about real world situations.

Height 3’
Age 120 (~30)
Very Dark Tan Skin, Green Eyes
Light Brown/Blonde Hair, single bread, close trimmed beard and twisty mustachio
Velvet Dark Green Robes with intricite gold embroidery
Light silk slippers
Polished Mahogany Staff with Large Gem

CogWell WizBoom

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